Case Study

Mayor Rick Kriseman

Mayor Rick Kriseman

After a challenging first term as Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida, our client Rick Kriseman was up for re-election. His opponent was former two-term mayor Rick Baker, who had a track record of winning elections with broad appeal across the City.

Kriseman had built a solid record of progressive successes in St. Pete, but nagging infrastructure issues plagued his administration and his re-election chances.

However, the Kriseman message of continued progressive leadership, combined with a rejection of the Trump agenda in Washington, carried the day in this come-from-behind victory.

Mayor Rick Kriseman

Our Approach

As the underdog incumbent, Kriseman needed to draw a stark contrast between himself and Baker.

Thankfully, the Baker campaign focused on the former mayor’s record of accomplishments almost a decade prior, failing to articulate a vision for the future.

Mayor Rick Kriseman

From denying climate change and lukewarm support for LGBTQ issues, to outright silence and deference to the Charlottesville neo-Nazi riots, the choice was a simple one to convey.

With Kriseman’s progressive policy agenda, focusing on equality and diversity, we were able to highlight Baker’s support of right-wing policy positions.

Mayor Rick Kriseman

The Results

While some Baker-friendly media decried the use of partisan tactics in a local municipal race, we knew that Kriseman’s progressive agenda was better for the future of St. Pete. The voters knew that too.

Thanks to a tightly-messaged and integrated campaign of direct mail, television, digital and shoe-leather groundwork, Kriseman overcame a 15-point deficit to win re-election against Baker, shocking the Tampa Bay political establishment.