Case Study

Cobalt Intelligence

Launching a Really High-Tech Startup

Cobalt Intelligence, a technology transfer startup leveraging cutting-edge research across a variety of industries, needed to quickly brand itself and build an investor base that would fund the initial phases of its growth.

The Impact Campaigns team produced a multimedia investor pitch package, including branded collateral, project descriptions for select technologies, a promotional video, and a slide presentation that resulted in over $4 million in friends and family investments.

Our Approach

One of the toughest challenges in this project was to take the cutting edge technologies from some of the world’s experts on distributed computer cognition, marine science, and biomechanics and convey their everyday applications and market potential in a way that would motivate investors.

These projects included artificial intelligence applications for disaster recovery, robotic exoskeletons for people with ambulatory disabilities, and marine research applications that measure water quality and improve shoreline resiliency.

At the same time, we worked to create the “real world application” story for these technologies, we were also standing up a comprehensive business case for Cobalt.

This included branded collateral, executive biographies, a customized web presence, relevant investor compliance information, project proposals, and a branded slide deck.

Integrated into the investor outreach and presentation was a video presentation that was used as a sizzle reel within the investor presentation itself, as well as an introduction to subsequent investors for Cobalt.

The Results

The success of this initial round of investor outreach is still being realized as Cobalt is expanding, setting up their subsidiary entities, and expanding their research and commercial partnerships.

  • $4 million dollars in initial investor funding
  • 3 new technology transfer launches
  • Investor-ready branding and pitch package to secure future dollars

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