Narain Takes on Establishment and Wins

In a tough four-way primary campaign, our client Ed Narain overcame a 20+ point deficit and won a 7-point victory over a candidate endorsed by a former Governor and a half-dozen Democratic legislative incumbents.
While the state Democratic establishment was lined up against Narain, we knew that his deep community ties would overcome the facade of support created by his opponent.

Direct Mail, Media and Field Fuel Kriseman Victory

Kriseman Direct Mail

We were asked to serve as the direct mail consultant to Rick Kriseman’s come-from-behind win to become the Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida’s fourth-largest city.

Impact Campaigns Wins Special Referendum

As part of a sprint referendum on amending the City of Pensacola’s Charter, we were tasked with helping the YES for Smaller Government committee reform local government.With a tight budget, we focused on persuading the mail ballot voters in this off-year special election, and won a resounding 55% victory.

Childers Takes Out 55-Year Incumbent

Yes, you read that right. The incumbent had been in office 55 years.
In a hotly-contested primary campaign, City of Pensacola Finance Manager took out longtime Clerk of Court incumbent Ernie Lee Magaha by a 2-1 margin.

Lumon May Makes It Happen

In a crowded primary, May outraised his opponents nearly 10 to 1, and on top of that, posted huge field numbers, often racking up over 500 doors knocked per weekend and hundreds of volunteer calls per week.

Victory in Georgia Primary

Tuesday night brought another victory to the Impact Campaigns team.  As part of an independent expenditure effort, we helped Democrat Sheila Jones to an overwhelming primary victory in House District 44.
Focusing on jobs, education, and her strong support for children’s health care, we helped Jones cross the finish line in a new district after redistricting.  We used creative stock images and a muted color scheme to highlight Sheila’s work on behalf of these important issues.

Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward Sworn In

Congratulations to new Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward.  He was sworn in today after winning his election last fall (one of our winning clients!) as the first mayor under the new “strong mayor” Charter that Pensacola voters approved in 2009 (also an Impact client).

New Member to the Team

Something about Election Days and hospitals….

Impact Campaigns Weathers Storm

After a “shellacking” taken by Democratic campaigns across the country, Impact Campaigns survived by holding four Democratic seats in Alabama, eleven in Florida, and four in North Carolina through direct and independent expenditure efforts.

Strong Primary Showing

Florida’s primary season was an exciting one from the top of the ballot on down.

Congrats to Billy Beasley

Alabama State Representative Billy Beasley moves on to the General Election after a tough, five-person primary and a grueling runoff in his majority-minority district in Alabama.

School Tax Campaign

Continuing an unbeaten streak of special election victories, Impact Strategies helped pass a one-cent sales tax, during an economic downturn, in a heavliy Republican area, to fund Baldwin County, Alabama public schools.

Winning Streak

(Pensacola) – In a resounding 55% special election victory, Impact Strategies recently won a special referendum campaign to establish a new charter for the City of Pensacola. The November 24 election, a mail-in ballot referendum with a 20-day voting window and minimal time to educate the voters, was won against a major Washington, DC political action committee that opposed the change with over $17,000 in out-of-state money.

Training Activists

Persuasion mail and direct voter contact firm Impact Strategies recently participated in two statewide campaign training programs in Alabama and Florida, where Lead Strategist Travis Peterson taught activists on the basics of campaign planning and direct voter contact.