Construction Marketing and PR: Paint a Picture

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of narrating the process of construction marketing and PR – how to engage your audience throughout the entire course of the development.

Five Tools to Help Your Small Business Marketing and PR

Creating your marketing and PR plan is not as hard as you might think. Especially if you work through some of the basics first. Setting measurable goals, developing a clear strategy, creating compelling key messages, and then working through tactics and timelines to produce clear results is pretty straightforward.

The SCORE Process: E is for Evaluate

The final piece to the SCORE Process is to evaluate your campaign or project to measure success. For some organizations, evaluation is simply a binary function – did you win or lose? Did you make the goal or not?

How to Use Content in Your Small Business Marketing and PR

We’re talking today again about how organizations can develop and use asmall business marketing and PR to drive business results such as leads, revenue, web traffic, thought leadership, and executive positioning.

Four Ways to Screw Up Your Small Business Marketing and PR

Hopefully by now you’ve heard us talk about small business marketing and PR for your business, organization, or cause. There are plenty of great resources and tips for how to develop your own strategy to generate leads, build credibility, and create content that your audience wants. 

Write Your Own Small Business Marketing and PR Plan- Part 1

In a previous post we discussed the importance small business marketing and PR plan, and why you should have one. We went through an overview of the key parts of a plan, and promised you some more in-depth information to help you write your own killer plan.

How to Prevent a PR Crisis, Trump-Style

There are plenty of lessons for PR and marketing professionals to learn from modern campaigns and politicians. Unfortunately, many of these lessons are what not to do.

The SCORE Process: O is for Optimize

In the SCORE model, the concept of optimizing content is not the same as “search engine optimization,” or SEO. Not only is SEO a very technical tactic, new changes to search algorithms indicate that keyword-stuffing SEO tactics may not be the advantage they used to be.

The SCORE Process: C is for Content

One of the most powerful ways to build an audience or an army of advocates for your company, cause or campaign is to offer quality, relevant content to your target groups.

Business Tips from the Campaign Trail

Despite the ups and downs of this year’s presidential campaign, there are several lessons for business and nonprofit communicators of what to do – and not to do.

Is Your Brand Honest or Authentic?

A few weeks ago, PR genius Gini Dietrich posted a great commentary on Hillary Clinton’s announcement campaign. Specifically, Gini was very critical of the campaign’s rollout, which just didn’t capture the Hillary Clinton that we’ve all come to know for the past 20 years she’s been in public life.

Announcing: Campaigns for Business!

For years, most of you have known us as a firm that does political campaigns.
Our political clients span across the country, from Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Virginia, to Colorado, Illinois and elsewhere. (more…)

Lindsey Holds On in Alabama

It’s not a place where Democrats have fared well as of late, but our client Richard Lindsey held on for a second time against the GOP wave that crushed most Democrats across Dixie in 2010 and again in 2014.