About Us

Our mission is to help good companies, good causes, and good candidates win.

Maybe you need to win voters. Or more customers or clients. Maybe you just need to expand your market share or shift public opinion.

But at the end of the day, you are competing – for votes, for customers, for market share or for awareness.

Guess what? That’s a campaign…and one you need to win.

At Impact Campaigns, our process, our experience, and our work ethic all come from the hard-knocks school of political campaigns.

Our team comes from the competitive fray of tourism marketing, the calculated world of real estate development, and the aspirational realm of social change.

We can build an audience for you.

Motivate prospects to buy from you.

Persuade voters to elect you.

Build an army to support you.

Educate the public about you.

Launch you into the limelight (or protect you from it.)

Whatever winning means to you, give us a call. We can help.

Want to Learn More?


We are proud to have worked with incredible businesses, candidates, and causes across the country. Check out some of the great things our clients are doing, and how we help them tell their story.