Construction PR & Marketing: Don’t Do Crappy Work

I will be the first to admit that having a great project makes it easier to build a brand, cultivate an audience, and generate sales or lease prospects.

It certainly makes it easier to market your construction project when the picture you paint is a pretty one. We’ve been fortunate to have clients that place a premium on quality work and compatible design.

But I’ve also seen how quality makes a difference in the way projects move, lease up or sell.  I bet you have too.

Worse, we’ve all seen how crappy design or construction brings down values, slows down sales, and causes longer-term maintenance costs for the landlord or owner.

So the lesson I want to leave you with today is, don’t do crappy work.

Crappy Work Makes Construction Marketing Harder

Now before you tell me that costs must be managed and not everyone can afford a custom home, let me be clear.

I don’t mean you have to be expensive. I mean you have to be thoughtful.

If the costs are minimal or the construction impacts are negligible, look for ways to make your project stand out.

These could be simple things like rolling out a few more feet of cat-5 to ensure your space is ready for gigabit (or terabit, or whatever is next) internet, dropping in LED lighting, finding small ways to support green building practices, or designing with an eye towards human scale, walkability, and community space.

All these things mean your project has a better story to tell, a better brand to build, and a way to separate from the market. In short, non-crappy work makes it easier for construction PR and marketing to succeed.

Combined, these three factors help drive quicker sales or leases.

Non-Crappy Work Closes More Deals

So for your next project, look for ways to make creative use of space. Push to design infrastructure that is compatible with the surrounding uses.

Explore opportunities with technology and sustainability to extend the shelf life and long-term value of your project.

Find ways to do non-crappy work that stands out from the competition.

It will make your future tenants or prospective buyers very happy, which means they will commit faster and stay longer.

And that’s what you want, right?