Construction Marketing and PR: Paint a Picture

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of narrating the process of construction marketing and PR – how to engage your audience throughout the entire course of the development.

An important part of narrating the process is not just to tell, but actually to show your audience what you are building through your construction marketing and public relations. In the case of your development project, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

So how do you do this?

Don’t Skimp on Design Renderings

First, budget for some quality renderings that truly paint a picture of your finished project. While your stick-line blueprints work for the team on site, if you want to entice and engage your future tenants or buyers, you need to do more.

This graphic could be anything from a flat, watercolor sketch to a computer-generated 3D video, depending on your budget, resources, project needs and speed to market.

The medium is less important than conveying a visual representation that is relevant to your audience.

Show the User Experience

Speaking of relevance, that leads to the second point: Don’t stick with just a simple building picture. Show the human experience and people interacting with the project.

For a residential project, images that show the lifestyle, amenities, and activities can help connect your prospects to the project.

On commercial projects, the focus is similar. What about working or shopping at your location is attractive to a potential customer? These assets should comprise a major part of the content used in your development or construction marketing.

There’s a reason humans have used pictures to from the time of cave drawings to the Renaissance to your iPhone. It’s how we communicate, remember, and understand things that we can’t touch or feel.

Make it easy for your audience to “get” your project. Use graphics to help tell the story of your development and engage your prospects.

Don’t make your prospects imagine their future home or workplace. Show it to them.

You won’t regret it.