Construction Marketing: Narrate the Process

Don’t be afraid to tell the story of your construction process.

Every day, your project manager, supervisor, or foreperson is checking progress against your construction documents.

You very likely have a crazy-looking GANTT chart to track all of your critical path items along the way.

From site prep to steel or siding, from footers and foundations to fixtures, you are managing the construction every step of the way, right?

One of the most important lessons we’ve learned leading PR and marketing for over $150 million worth of construction is a simple and straightforward one because you’re already doing it.

To build a brand or engage your audience of potential buyers or tenants, you need to narrate the process.

It sounds silly, and most developers would say it sounds crazy to bore people with literally the nuts and bolts of a building project.


What’s Hot? Construction Marketing!

Think about all the home and how-to shows on TV.

Fixer Upper…Property Brothers…Love It or List It…Extreme Home Makeover…heard of these? They have audiences of millions of viewers, but what is the real attraction of these shows?

Not the beginning and the end of the remodel or the transaction. That episode would only take five minutes and need a few before and after pictures.

No, what makes those shows successful is the inside story of making decisions, of engaging their buyer or client, of doing the actual cutting, hammering, nailing and finishing of the project.

In short, the success of those shows are all about narrating the process, and it’s the key to good construction and development PR and marketing.

Our experience has shown that your audience does care about the step-by-step process of your construction project.

From explaining why those footers have to go 40 feet into the ground, to why the site was platted the way it is, or what makes the concrete in the garage so smooth while the concrete on the driveway isn’t.

Why It Matters to Your Construction PR

You may not sell a house or rent an apartment because your buyer loves the way you value-engineered the cabinetry.

But what you WILL do is build an ongoing conversation with people interested in your project. When the time comes to lease up or pre-sell, you have an audience that is listening, engaged, and ready to help you as buyers, referral sources, or evangelists for your project.

This means you stabilize your project sooner, start cash flowing more quickly, and pay down debt faster. And THAT is worth something.

Don’t fall into the trap that your project is boring or that people don’t care about the process. You’ll be surprised how many people do care about the “why” behind your project and how you’re building it.

You know what isn’t surprising? If you don’t tell your story, nobody will hear it.