Direct Mail, Media and Field Fuel Kriseman Victory

We were asked to serve as the direct mail consultant to Rick Kriseman’s come-from-behind win to become the Mayor of St. Petersburg, Florida’s fourth-largest city.

Kriseman surprised political observers and took the electorate by storm to become the first challenger in almost 30 years to take out a sitting incumbent Mayor.

Working with a consultant team that included pollster Tom Eldon and the Fletcher Rowley media firm, we worked with Kriseman’s outstanding campaign team to re-introduce this former legislator to the voters.  Overcoming a 36-point deficit to carve out a narrow 2nd place finish in a tight three-way primary took a strategic, targeted direct mail and media plan, as well as a state-of-the-art field program.

The team worked to continue the momentum from the primary into the general election, mounting a major Vote-By-Mail persuasion campaign from Kriseman and allied groups, a strong comparative media effort, and another massive voter contact campaign on the ground.  At the end of Election Night, Rick Kriseman was a 56-44 winner and made history in St. Petersburg.

We are honored to have been a part of Mayor-Elect Kriseman’s team, and look forward to great things from him and the great city of St. Petersburg.