School Tax Campaign

Continuing an unbeaten streak of special election victories, Impact Strategies helped pass a one-cent sales tax, during an economic downturn, in a heavliy Republican area, to fund Baldwin County, Alabama public schools.

The special election, held on March 23, 2010, was a true grassroots effort, with hundreds of volunteers and thousands of supporters from across Baldwin County working to pass this vital funding to continue a tradition of excellence in public education.

As part of the Parents for a Penny campaign team, Impact Strategies helped guide overall campaign strategy and communications, including online communications, voter identification and persuasion, and get-out-the-vote efforts.

“This campaign was a true community effort,” said Travis Peterson of Impact Strategies. “The level of engagement and awareness by supporters of Baldwin County schools was tremendous, and they worked very hard to make the case to voters that this extra penny was an investment in the future of Baldwin County education, economy, and quality of life.”

The victory carried special significance as the former State Senator from Baldwin County, now a candidate for Governor in a contested Republican primary, came out against the tax the weekend before the election.  That opposition didn’t seem to sway Baldwin County voters, who passed the tax 59% – 41%.