Winning Streak

(Pensacola) – In a resounding 55% special election victory, Impact Strategies recently won a special referendum campaign to establish a new charter for the City of Pensacola. The November 24 election, a mail-in ballot referendum with a 20-day voting window and minimal time to educate the voters, was won against a major Washington, DC political action committee that opposed the change with over $17,000 in out-of-state money.

The victory continues an unbeaten streak in special elections for persuasion mail and direct voter contact firm Impact Strategies, and was based on clearly identified messages, a minimal budget threshold, and a tremendous grassroots organization.

“This campaign was so much fun,” said Travis Peterson of Impact Strategies. “It’s not often that we get to do work in Pensacola, and to work with such a committed group of volunteers who care about making their city better is really rewarding,” Peterson continued. “We had to hit the ground running, put out a clear, forward-looking message to the voters, and then chase down every voter we could.”