Kriseman Wins Mayor’s Race in Florida


In a surprising come-from-behind win to become the Mayor of Florida’s fourth-largest city, Rick Kriseman surprised political observers and took the electorate by storm to become the first challenger in almost 30 years to take out a sitting incumbent Mayor. Working with a consultant team that included pollster Tom Eldon and the Fletcher Rowley media […]

Impact Campaigns Wins Special Referendum


As part of a sprint referendum on amending the City of Pensacola’s Charter, we were tasked with helping the YES for Smaller Government committee reform local government. With a tight budget, we focused on persuading the mail ballot voters in this off-year special election, and won a resounding 55% victory.

Clean Sweep in 2012 General Elections


November 2012 was a good month for our clients.  From Lumon May winning with 70% of the vote in a four-way race, to the No on 3 effort in Florida beating back a bad constitutional amendment by 15 points, or helping Robin Fisher and Larry Lee, Jr. win tough elections in swing districts, our clients […]

Childers Takes Out 55-Year Incumbent


Yes, you read that right. The incumbent had been in office 55 years. In a hotly-contested primary campaign, City of Pensacola Finance Manager took out longtime Clerk of Court incumbent Ernie Lee Magaha by a 2-1 margin. Childers, who ran an effective grassroots campaign as well as a hard-hitting comparative television and mail campaign, had […]

Depending on DeBerry


Together with a national coalition of education reform groups, Impact Campaigns was able to help Representative John DeBerry win election in Tennessee’s 90th House District. This campaign focused on DeBerry’s steadfast leadership in his Memphis-based district, as well as his support for educational opportunities for all children. Our independent expenditure direct mail effort, as well […]

Victory in Georgia Primary


Tuesday night brought another victory to the Impact Campaigns team.  As part of an independent expenditure effort, we helped Democrat Sheila Jones to an overwhelming primary victory in House District 44. Focusing on jobs, education, and her strong support for children’s health care, we helped Jones cross the finish line in a new district after […]

Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward Sworn In

Congratulations to new Pensacola Mayor Ashton Hayward.  He was sworn in today after winning his election last fall (one of our winning clients!) as the first mayor under the new “strong mayor” Charter that Pensacola voters approved in 2009 (also an Impact client).  We are excited about Ashton’s plan for the city and look forward […]

New Member to the Team

Something about Election Days and hospitals…. In 2008, I was in the emergency room during Election Night with emergency appendix surgery.  Now, two days after 2010 Election Day, we’re back in the hospital, only this time its a good thing – Abigail Louise Peterson joined the Impact team, weighing in at 6lbs, 1 oz.  High […]